Sunday, November 8, 2009


Cupcakes are cute. Period. They are cute and full of calories that despite the greatest willpower, somehow end up in your mouth.

In college, a good friend and I would always buy cupcakes for the other one when we had a bad day or when we needed to celebrate or when we just wanted sugar. It really was because Sarah Jessica Parker ate one while sitting on a bench with her best friend (Season 3, you know what I am talking about). So I felt it was only right for us to do so as well.

This week I had a group of about 15 girls, decorating 200+ cupcakes in my apartment.
Fun girls AND cute cupcakes.... Well, I don't know how you spent your Friday night but you should be jealous of mine!

Meet Kayla and Emilee... they are indulging my sprinkle obsession.

Line for the icing (We made 10 batches by the way)

I just wanted to post this one so you could see the huge cupcake and because this looks like a picture the Pioneer Woman would have post on her site..... Oh wait she did post a picture of this girl on her website.... Go HERE and read the story of cute Kayla meeting PW


Amanda and Bailey, when you are around I have no worries because I know you will make sure it gets done.... and done well.

My kitchen... If I was a 1950's house wife this would have never happened?

And from all of that we have this....


This is Kelli and she likes to play a game called "scenario". She gives you an scenario and then you make the appropriate face.
Scenario: Some one just came in and flung all the cupcakes on the floor.

No, No.


Michelle said...

Now I want a cupcake....thanks!

Gena said...

The game cracks me up.