Wednesday, November 25, 2009

If you can't tame it, decorate it!

So I took a deep breath the other day and decided to leave the house with out a bobby pin in my hair. I was confident that with my backcombing skills and the amount of hair spray that I use on a daily basis, I could make sure my 1 x 1 inch tragedy was properly covered up. It took me about five steps to realize that its just not in the plan for me folks. I cannot face the world without something taming my my cowlick, buzz cut combo.

So I gave in and got bobby pins.... lots of bobby pins, oh and flowers.

(Note to self: Don't shop online when depressed about your hair... you might spend $28)

Including these super cute hair clips my sister made me. Don't know what to give someone who is bald in front, just call my sister.

The green one in my favorite

I will have a hair update next week.


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